New Brunswick
Seniors' Home Renovation Tax Credit
Schedule NB(S12)
T1 General - 2023

Complete this schedule if you have eligible home renovation expenses.

For more information, see the New Brunswick Information Guide in your income tax package.

Attach a copy of this schedule to your return.
Do not include your receipts but keep them in case you are asked to provide them later.

If you need more space, attach an additional sheet of paper.

Date on sales Supplier or contractor Description Amount paid
slip or contract Name GST/HST No.
(if applicable)
(including all
applicable taxes)
Total amount paid from all sales slips and contracts included in the table above   Total eligible expenses        1 
Amount of government assistance received or receivable included in the amount on line 1 -  2 
Line 1 minus line 2 (maximum $10,000) =  3 
Amount of eligible expenses included on line 1 being claimed by other eligible individuals -  4 
Line 3 minus line 4 Home renovation expenses 60360 =  5 
Applicable rate x  6 
Line 5 multiplied by the percentage on line 6
Enter this amount on line 47900 of your return.
New Brunswick seniors' home renovation tax credit =  7 

 Involuntary separation 
If, on December 31, 2023, you and your spouse or common-law partner occupied separate principal residences for medical reasons, claim the seniors' homes renovation tax credit individually and enter his or her address on line 60890.

 Address of the residence 
Does the expenses on line 1 relate to the residence located at the address you indicated on page 1 of your return? If yes, tick this box.
If not, enter the address of the residence they relate to.