Newfoundland and Labrador Credits NL479
T1 General - 2023

You can claim these refundable tax credits even if you do not have to pay any tax. If they are more than the taxes you have to pay, you may get a refund for the difference.

Complete the calculations that apply to you and attach a copy of this form to your return.

For more information about these credits, including credit eligibility requirements, see the Newfoundland and Labrador Information Guide in your income tax package.

Physical Activity Tax Credit

If applicable, complete the following table and include all of your family's eligible physical activity expenses.

Do not include your receipts but keep them in case you are asked to provide them later.

If you need more space, attach an additional sheet of paper.

Date of receipt Description Family member Name of program or organization Amount paid
(including all
applicable taxes)
Total amount paid from all receipts included in the table above Total eligible expenses      1 
Amount of government assistance received or receivable included in the amount on line 1 -  2 
Line 1 minus line 2 (maximum $2,000) =  3 
Amount of eligible expenses included on line 1 being claimed by other eligible individuals -  4 
Line 3 minus line 4 Physical activity expenses 62000 =  5 
Applicable rate x  6 
Line 5 multiplied by the percentage from line 6 Physical activity credit =  7 

Research and Development Tax Credit (Individuals)

Enter the tax credit amount from line 6 of your Form T1129. +  8 
Line 7 plus line 8
Enter this amount on line 47900 of your return.
Newfoundland and Labrador credits =  9