Saskatchewan Credits SK479
T1 General - 2023

Complete the calculations that apply to you and attach a copy of this form to your return.

For more information about these credits, see the Saskatchewan Information Guide in your tax package.

Active families benefit
If your adjusted family income is $60,000 or less, you can claim the active families benefit. Otherwise, enter "0" on line 7.
Adjusted family income for the calculation of the Saskatchewan active families benefit    Column 1
Column 2
Your spouse or
Enter the net income amount from line 23600 of the return  1   1 
Total of Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) repayment (line 21300 of the return) and registered disability savings plan (RDSP) income repayment (included on line 23200). +  2  +  2 
Add lines 1 and 2 =  3  =  3 
Total of the UCCB income (line 11700 of the return) and the RDSP income (line 12500 of the return) -  4  -  4 
Line 3 minus line 4 (if negative, enter "0") =  5  =  5 
Add the amounts from line 5 in columns 1 and 2 Adjusted net family income  6 
If the total amount on line 6 is more than $60,000, enter "0".
Otherwise, enter the total amount from the table below.
Enter this amount on line 47900 of your return.
Active families benefit 59800  •7 
Active families benefit worksheet (If you need more space, attach a separate piece of paper.)
If your dependant child (children) does (do) not appear in the drop down list of Column 1, please click add dependant child to add first.
Tick the box
if the child is eligible for the disability tax credit
Column 1
Name of eligible child
Column 2
Date of birth
Column 3
Amount paid for eligible activitie
Column 4
Amount of reimbursement received for eligible activities, if applicable
Column 5
Enter the lesser of (column 3 minus column 4) or $150 unless the child is eligible for the disability tax credit. In this case, claim the lesser of (column 3 minus column 4) or $200.
Add the amounts from column 5. Enter this amount on line 7. Total eligible expenses      8