Manitoba Mineral Exploration Tax Credit T1241

Complete this form to calculate your Manitoba mineral exploration tax credit. You can claim this credit if you received a Form T101, Statement of Resource Expenses, from a mining corporation, with an amount in box 144 or 154 (or both), or a Form T5013, Statement of Partnership Income, received as a member of a partnership, with an amount in box 199 or 243 (or both).

The credits you earned in the year are used to reduce your Manitoba tax payable for that year. Any unused amounts can be carried forward for 10 years or carried back for 3 years.

If you are filing a paper return, attach this form and your T101 or T5013 slips.

  Tax Year:   2023 
Part 1 - Manitoba mineral exploration tax credit claim for 2023
Unused Manitoba mineral exploration tax credit from your 2022 notice of assessment or reassessment.  1 
Enter the total of all eligible amounts from boxes 144 and 154 of your T101 slips and from boxes 199 and 243 of your T5013 slips.  2 
Tax credit rate x  3 
Multiply line 2 by line 3 Current year credit available  68850 =   +  •4 
Add lines 1 and 4 Total credit avialable =  5 
Enter the amount from line 80 of Form MB428, Manitoba Tax.
(If you have to pay tax to more than one jurisdiction, enter the amount from line 42 of Form MB428MJ in Part 4 of your Form T2203, Provincial and Territorial Taxes for Multiple Jurisdictions.)
Enter whichever is less: amount from line 5 or line 6.  7 
Enter the credit you are claiming for 2023 (cannot be more than line 7).
Enter this amount on line 60920 of your Form MB428 or Form MB428MJ in Part 4 of your Form T2203, whichever applies.
Current year claim  8 

Part 2 - Unused credit available
Complete this part if the amount of your current-year claim (line 8) is less than the total credit available (line 5).
Amount from line 5  9 
Amount from line 8 -  10 
Line 9 minus line 10 Total unused credit available =  11 

Carryback to previous years
The carry-back provisions allow you to apply unused credits against your Manitoba tax for the three previous years. The credit you apply cannot be more than your Manitoba tax for that year.

If you want to claim a carryback to your 2022, 2021, and/or 2020 return(s), send an adjustment request to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Wait until you receive your 2023 notice of assessment before making an adjustment request to your 2022, 2021, and/or 2020 return(s).

I certify that the information given on this form is correct and complete.
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