T5008 Slips: 1  
    Federal slips: 

T5008 - Statement of Securities Transactions

Tax filing notes/options:
  • The proceeds of disposition from T5008 will be automatically reported in the following section on Schedule 3:
    3. Publicly traded shares, mutual fund units, deferral of eligible small business corporation shares, and other shares
    However, you are required to make the adjustments to the amount in box 20 as needed.
    Box 20 - The amount in box 20 may or may not reflect your adjusted cost base (ACB) for the purpose of determining the gain or loss from the disposition of the security. You are required to make the adjustments, as needed, to the amount indicated in box 20, at the time of determining and reporting your gain or loss from the disposition.
  • Another filing option is for you to enter the summary of proceeds of disposition directly on Schedule 3 on one entry per security base instead of filling out T5008(s).
    If you have a lot of transactions, this will be the preferred/easier filing option.
    (You may simply download all your transactions from your financial institute as a Microsoft excel document and calculate the summary.)

Box Line Description Federal Slip
Type of income
11 Recipient type
13 Foreign currency
  Exchange rate (up to 4 decimal digits) (exchange rate lookup)
14 Date of disposition [mm/dd/yyyy]
15 Type code of securities
16 Quantity of securities 16
17 Identification of securities 17
18 ISIN/CUSIP number 18
19 Face amount (dollars only) 19
20 Cost or book value 20
21 Proceeds of disposition or settlement amount 21
Outlays or expenses
24 Identification of securities received on settlement 24