T5013 Slips: 1  
   Federal slips: 

T5013 - Statement Of Partnership Income

Box Line Description Federal Slip
Partner's name and address
Filer's name and address
  Business address:
Street No Street name:
Prov./Terr. Postal code
001 Filer's account number (Business number: 15 characters)
002 Partner code
003 Country code
004 Recipient type
005 Partner's share (%) of partnership
006 Partner's identification number (SIN: 9 digits)
Industry code
Accounting method Cash  Accrual
Fiscal year, From
Fiscal year, To
Partnership's final fiscal year?
Tax shelter identification number (e.g., TS565656)
Limited partner's net income (loss)
010 Total limited partner business income (loss)
101 Limited partner's farming income (loss)
102 Agricultural income stabilization
103 Limited partner's fishing income (loss)
104 Limited partner's business income (loss)
105 Limited partner's at-risk amount
106 Limited partner's adjusted at-risk amount
107 Limited partner's rental income (loss)
108 Limited partner's loss available for carryforward
109 Previous loss carryforward eligible in the current year
113 Return of capital
Canadian and foreign net business income (loss)
Source country of foreign income
020 Total business income (loss)
114 Other income
116 Business income (loss)
118 Gross business income
119 Foreign business income
120 Professional income (loss)
121 Gross professional income
122 Commission income (loss)
123 Gross commission income
124 Farming income (loss)
125 Gross farming income
126 Fishing income (loss)
127 Gross fishing income
Canadian and foreign investments and carrying charges
110 Canadian and foreign net rental income (loss)
111 Foreign net rental income (loss)
117 Gross Canadian and foreign rental income
129 Actual amount of dividends (other than eligible dividends)
130 Taxable amounts of dividends (other than eligible dividends)
131 Dividend tax credit for dividends other than eligible dividends
132 Actual amount of eligible dividends
133 Taxable amount of eligible dividends
134 Dividend tax credit for eligible dividends
128 Interest from Canadian sources
135 Foreign dividend and interest income
137 Business investment loss
146 Other investment income
210 Total carrying charges  
Other amounts and information
030 Total capital gains (losses)
151 Capital gains (losses)
153 Qualified small business corporation shares (QSBCS) capital gains amount eligible for the capital gains exemption
154 Qualified farm or fishing property (QFFP) capital gains amount eligible for the capital gains exemption
155 Capital gains (losses) from QFFP mortgage foreclosures and conditional sales repossessions eligible for the capital gains deduction
158 Farming and fishing income eligible for the capital gains deduction from the disposition of eligible capital property that is QFFP
159 Capital gains reserve
168 Income tax deducted
171 Foreign tax paid on non-business income
172 Foreign tax paid on business income
040 Capital cost allowance
173 Canadian exploration expenses
174 Canadian development expenses
175 Canadian oil and gas property expenses (COGPE)
179 Assistance for Canadian exploration expenses
180 Assistance for Canadian development expenses
181 Assistance for Canadian oil and gas property expenses
182 Charitable donations and government gifts
183 Cultural and ecological gifts
184 Federal political contributions
185 Provincial and territorial political contributions
186 Investment tax credit
187 Investment tax credit transferred under subsection 127(8.3)
189 ITC code
236 Canadian journalism labour tax credit (CJLTC)
237 Fuel charge tax credit for farmers
(Software Note: If the amount is provided by your partnership in a letter rather than a T5013, please enter it on line 9951 in Part 5 of T2042 and leave box 237 blank.)
238 Air Quality Improvement Tax Credit allocated
(Software Note: If the amount is provided by your partnership in a letter rather than a T5013, please enter it on line 67090 in section Line 67090 (T2039) - Air quality improvement tax credit allocated to you in the year of form T2125/T2121/T2042 as applicable and leave box 238 blank.)

Renounced Canadian exploration and development expenses
Renunciation Assistance
Canadian exploration expense 190 192
Canadian development expense 191 193
Expenses qualifying for an ITC 194
Portion subject to an interest-free period - ITC 195
Portion subject to an interest-free period - CEE 196
Adjusted at-risk amount 119
Expenses qualifying for a provincial tax credit CMETC
British Columbia 197 241
Saskatchewan 198 242
Manitoba 199 243
Ontario 200 244*
* Not allowable under ON law.

Tax shelter information
201 Number of units acquired
202 Cost per unit
203 Total cost of units
204 Other indirect reductions
209 Part XII.2 trust tax credit