TL11A_ETC Slips: 1  
   Federal slips: 

Tuition and Enrolment Certificate

If you have Unused Tuition and Education Amounts from previous year(s), please enter them on WS_UNUSED_TUITION.
Box Line Description Federal Slip
Tuition certificate (slip) type
Eligible tuition fees for the year
Your tuition fees may or may not be eligible to be claimed (e.g., tuition fees for part-time student reported on TL11A are not eligible to be claimed). Please enter the eligible tuition fees only.
For more information on eligible tuition fees, please see insturctions on your TL11A/TL11C and line 32300 in the tax guide.
Tick this box if you were eligible for the disability tax credit or you had, in the year, a mental or physical impairment and a doctor has certified that the effects of the impairment are such that you cannot reasonably be expected to be enrolled as a full-time student (see Schedule 11). 32005  
B Number of months enrolled as a part-time student for the year   B
C Number of months enrolled as a full-time student for the year   C