T1-2023 Federal Worksheet

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Keep this worksheet for your records. Do not attach it to the return you send.

Line 31600 - Disability amount (for self) (supplement amount will be calculated if you were under age 18 on December 31, 2023)
Please answere the questions blelow and use the worksheet to claim the disability tax credit.
Are you disabled?
Do you want to claim the disability amount for 2023?
Base amount
Maximum supplement     1 
Total child care and attendant care expenses claimed for you by anyone +  2 
Base amount -  3 
Line 2 minus line 3 (if negative, enter "0") =   -  4 
Line 1 minus line 4 (if negative, enter "0") =  5 
Add base amount and line 5 (maximum claim $14,928)
Enter the amount on line 31600 of Schedule 1 unless this chart is being completed for the chart for line 31800.